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From Steve’s LightScribe Enabled PC…


Welcome fellow LightScribers, if you are new to LightScribe or like me a (very) old hand… 🙂

I don’t want to put you to sleep with a long explanation of who I am, and why I have put together LightScribeSoftware.org. However since you are reading this you deserve a little info on me and the reason for the site, so here goes…

My name is Steve Nelson and I have been using LightScribe since February 2006, and in that time I have created in excess of 27,000 LightScribe labels…

I’m not saying that makes me an expert (although I have been called The LightScribe Guru by some 🙂 ) I would refer to myself as an avid fan.

During this time I have also created, what I believe to be the most complete LightScribe Software Package available, something that more than 30,000 customers have kindly agreed with…


Why LightScribeSoftware.Org

So that’s me… So why this new website?

On February 19 2013 HP (if you did not know, HP invented LightScribe) took down their LightScribe support site LightScribe.com. I and many others saw this as another step in HP’s move to stop supporting LightScribe. This is something many of us have been expecting as HP have stopped putting LightScribe drives in their PCs and Laptops, and the lack of development for Windows new OS, Win 8. In conjunction with the fact that there have been no updates to the LightScribe System Software since 2 July 2012. By comparison in the early years (LightScribe was announced in late 2004) the System Software could have a number of updates every month.


If this was HPs intention or not nobody is willing to admit, however they have reinstated the site now (it was removed for about 10 days).

During this time it was my fear that the LightScribe community would be without the necessary access to the system software that is essential for a working LightScribe system. It was then I decided that I needed to act, and act fast!


LightScribeSoftware.org is the result of my desire to make permanently available the software we have come to rely on as well as all the other free labeling software much loved by people when they start using LightScribe to create DVD and CD labels.

I won’t hide the truth that I have here for sale my own LightScribe Toolbox Premium. I would be doing everybody who wants a complete LightScribe labeling solution a disservice, if I did not. However my main interest was to make available to all, the software many have come to rely on, for creating their LightScribe labels.


HP and LightScribe.com Update

As discussed in my latest (16 March) blog post, LightScribe Returns, HP as of 14 March 2013 now updated the free software. This however does not, in my opinion, remove the need for an ‘independent’ LightScribe resource and support site. One day HP will pull the plug on LightScribe and I will be here still to take up the slack… 🙂


LightScribe Support

In addition to making the software available, I want to include a support area where I can share what I have learned about LightScribe and more importantly how to overcome the many problems encountered, especially when installing LightScribe for the first time.

I have personalty used LightScribe on Windows, XP, Vista and 7. (although some of my customers have been using it on Win 8 (32 and 64 Bit) despite HP’s stating the system software does not support this…


Windows 8 Update

Things continue to improve 🙂 HP has finally updated the LightScribe System Software to run on Windows 8. To download this latest version Go Here Enjoy Scribers … 🙂


HP Stops All LightScribe Support

Finally what I suspected has happened.

As of December 2013 HP have finally pulled the plug on their LightScribe support website – LightScribe.com


Software Updates

This will mean that we can no longer get any updates for the LightScribe System Software, Simple Labeler or Template Labeler, but I’m sure we can, with the ingenuity of many minds of some great LightScribe fans worldwide, solve the issues that may lie ahead.


I will do all I can to support, you, my fellow LightScribe users. I am sure we can keep this great show on the road for as long as we can get manufacturers to support LightScribe and keep making the LightScribe Drives and Discs we all need.


LightScribe and Windows 10

Despite no update in the System software and Free labeling software’s Windows 10 has not caused any more problems for LightScribe than Win 8.1.

If you find it difficult to install the System Software (especially with 10 Pro) the best way is to use either Win 7 or XP Compatibility settings – this works 90% of the time.



Finally… For Now 🙂

This site is an ongoing project.

Any new LightScribe developments I will share here and on Twitter, so take a look and follow me @LightScribeTV

I hope you enjoy and benefit from what I have here…


All my best,

Steve Nelson