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LightScribe Duplicator?

Alteratec LightScribe Duplicator

Attention Use The Template LabelerThe ONLY Software to Work With a LightScribe Duplicator is:

A ‘Special Version‘ of the LightScribe Template Labeler

**The LightScribe Toolbox Premium will NOT work**

So if you have a LightScribe Duplicator please do not buy my LightScribe Toolbox!




The STANDARD Template Labeler  will not create lsi files but lsl files.

You MUST use the special version of The Template Labeler that came with your duplicator.

If you have lost this software please contact the duplicator maker/supplier to get another copy.


Generic Duplicator Software.

The link below is for a Free Generic Modification that will work will most, if not all, Duplicators.

Duplicator Software Download

You may need this Key when installing the software: LJQ5Q-QSXBY


Please Note: – I did not create or control this software. Although I believe it to be totally safe to install and use, if you choose to download and use it you do so entirely at your own risk 🙂


Using a LightScribe Duplicator

To use a LightScribe duplicator, you must follow this sequence…

 Using a LightScribe Duplicator

1: First Create a Master lsi Label Disc

1.1 Design your label using the LightScribe Template Labeler

1.2 Save lsi file

1.3 Burn your lsi file to a blank disc


2: Print LightScribe Label(s)

2.1 Insert your master label disc

2.2 Insert your blank LightScribe disc(s)

2.3 Job done.


Need More Templates?

The other BIG problem with the Template Labeler is the fact you only have 15 Templates to choose from as standard.

Now I have colected together ALL 43 Template Packs for the Template Labeler, these give you an additional 650+ Templates to choose from…


To take a look for yourself go here


Greater Software Flexibility

The problem most users of LightScribe Duplicators find (and you may as well…) is that because you are restricted to the templates in the Template Labeler, your design options are very limited.

However you are now in luck…

I recently created a new video on how to use the Template Labeler software, and get the most from it. To watch the video go here – LightScribe Template Labeler


Help and Advice

If you are thinking of buying a LightScribe Duplicator, take a look at what I have to say here: LightScribe DVD Drives to Buy Today

If you need any other help or advice please get in touch and I will do my best to help.

Please share this with your friends and anyone you know who could use this information… 🙂


Have fun…

Steve Nelson of


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