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LightScribe Template Labeler


Over the years many people who have use the LightScribe Template Labeler  have asked me if there was a way in which the program could be used to create labels from scratch without relying on one of the templates provided…


Also in addition to regular LightScribe Template Labeler users, people who have bought LightScribe Duplicators have also asked if there is any software they could use other than the Template Labeler because it was insufficient for their needs…


As it turns out the answer to both questions is the same…


Back in 2010 having been asked these questions many times, thought there must be a way I could help!


The Real LightScribe Template Labeler Issue

The LightScribe Template Labeler is a great piece of free labeling software however it comes as no surprise that you are restricted to using the templates provided. Despite the fact that there are many to choose from your scope for individual creativity is limited.


As for the duplicator users, the only file format they use is .lsi which is the format of … you guessed it the LightScribe Template Labeler… So the problem for them is the same as it is for any Template Labeler user… You are stuck with the Template Labeler.

But no longer… 🙂


LightScribe Template Labeler ‘Any Label’ Solution

I took a look at how the Lightscribe Template Labeller worked and realized that with a little ‘re-engineering’ of the program you can indeed create ANY design you wish… and this works just as well for duplicators too.


The best way for me to explain this is to show you, so the video below is a walk-through of the process. In the video this more advanced process is toward the end after I have covered all the basics.


If you have a duplicator you have no choice, because there is no other software that creates .lsi files. In fact you need a ‘Special Version‘ of the TL that should have been supplied with your duplicator. However if you don’t have it, you can download a copy from here.


If however you use a Standard LightScribe Drive and want LightScribe Software that lets you create LightScribe labels with easy then take a look at my LightScribe Toolbox Premium 🙂


That aside, the video below shows you how you can use the LightScribe Template Labeler to create ANY label you desire.


The new video below shows you how to use the Template Labeler in a much better way.


LightScribe Template Labeler Video



This is just one video from a whole series of Free LightScribe Video Tutorials covering all aspects of LightScribe labeling.


I hope you enjoy…

Steve Nelson

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