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If you are looking for some free LightScribe software, a video tutorial or two, have a LightScribe problem to solve or simply want to get some support on your LightScribe labeling journey, you will, I hope, find what you are looking for here.


HP End Support for LightScribe

In December 2013 HP closed the LightScribe support website. This is what replaced the home page > Dec 2013

Overnight without warning, the LightScribe community had no access to LightScribe support, or to download the Free LightScribe Software and Utilities previously available.


Please Note: All LightScribe Software Links Are Dead

All the links in the Getting Started Page and LightScribe Control Panel (Installed with the System Software LLS) as well as the links in the free LightScribe Labeling programs, the LightScribe Simple Labeler and LightScribe Template Labeler no longer work. Why, because these all point to pages in the removed website.


The result, anger and frustration. These links were for support and to download LightScribe software updates. Have you tried one of these links to get LightScribe support?

LightScribe Support & Free Download Hub

Thankfully since January 2014, I have been able to secure all the previously available LightScribe software. In addition, I provide personal email advice and support for ALL your LightScribe Labeling problems.


If you want to use LightScribe, and who wouldn’t, I’m here to support you. Below are links to the major sections of this site. Please use these or the links in the menu above to locate the software and support you need.


Free LightScribe Software Downloads

LightScribe System Software – LightScribe Drivers

If you need to download the LightScribe System Software LSS > GO HERE


WINDOWS LightScribe Labeling Software

If you need to download the Free LightScribe Labeling Software for Windows > GO HERE


MAC LightScribe Labeling Software

If you need to download the Free LightScribe Labeling Software for Mac OS > GO HERE


Premium LightScribe Software

If you are looking for greater flexibility and power in your LightScribe labeling software then take a look at this full-featured Windows LightScribe Software > LightScribe Toolbox Premium


LightScribe Support

My aim is to help you get the most out of LightScribe, no matter if you are new to LightScribe, or a veteran with years of LightScribe experience.


Are You New to LightScribe?

Then check out, how to start using LightScribe > How to LightScribe  You can watch a short video or read an article, your choice.

The Support Section contains help for Hardware, Software and Media related problems.


LightScribe Drives and Discs in 2024

The LightScribe landscape has changed a lot over the years.  Getting a new LightScribe DVD Drive/Burner now in 2022 is now more challenging. And if you have been looking for some LightScribe CDs or DVDs then we both know how hard that’s become.


Buying a LightScribe DVD Drive

Here are my thoughts and advice on getting your next LightScribe Drive:
LightScribe DVD Drives in 2024

Buying LightScribe Discs

Need some more LightScribe discs? Here’s what I do now:
LightScribe CDs and DVDs in 2024


LightScribe Video Tutorials

Do you prefer to watch ‘over the shoulder’ video tutorials rather than read long articles?

If so, I’ve added a new Video Tutorial Section to the support area.

These are the support videos that I have had previously on my LightScribe Video Site: LightScribe.TV, although I will be adding additional ones here.

My goal is to focus my LightScribe support efforts in one central place, making it easier for you, and anybody else, to get the LightScribe support and help they need.


Windows 11

October 5th 2021 saw the launch of Windows 11 and I now have some initial feedback from LightScribe users who have upgraded to Windows 11 from 10.

I have summarised this, and my thoughts, in this article Can You Use LightScribe With Windows 11?


Contact Me

If you can’t find what you need on the site or need further clarification, then please Contact Me directly, and I will do my best to help you.


I hope you find what you are looking for. Free LightScribe software, premium LightScribe software or help and support.


Whatever your LightScribe needs, please know, stunning LightScribe labels are ‘still’ only a few clicks away.


All my best, Stay Safe and Happy LightScribing

Steve Nelson

(LightScribe Veteran Since 2006)
Where have the last 18 years gone?
Oh yes, having way too much fun with LightScribe 🙂

LightScribe Toolbox Premium

The LightScribe software in the LightScribe Toolbox Premium works with ALL versions of Windows including Windows 10 & 11. So if you want feature rich labeling software, and are using Win 10 or 11, then this software is for you. For more information click the button below.

LightScribe Duplicator Users

DO NOT buy the LightScribe Toolbox Premium if you are using a LightScribe Duplicator. The ONLY Software you can use is a Special version of the LightScribe Template Labeler!