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HP End Support For LightScribe

In December 2013 HP closed their LightScribe support site, LightScribe.com.

Overnight the LightScribe community was left stranded with no access to authoritative LightScribe support, and little access to the Free LightScribe Software and LightScribe Utilities previously available.


Support For The LightScribe Community

I am pleased to say that since January 2014, via LightScribeSoftware.org, I have not only secured all the previously available LightScribe software but also provide personal support for ALL LightScribe Labeling problems.


You can get the necessary LightScribe System Software (for Windows and Mac) as well as free and premium LightScribe labeling software; in fact, all the software you need to create great LightScribe labels.


I have brought together the best LightScribe software programs available. Choose from the Free LightScribe Software or if you are ready to take your LightScribe labeling to the next level, this Feature Rich and Easy to Use LightScribe Software.


My aim is to help you to get the most out of your LightScribe setup, no matter if you are new to this great technology or a veteran with years of LightScribe experience.


Either way, stunning LightScribe labels are ‘still’ just a few clicks away.


Steve Nelson of LightScribeSoftware.org

Steve Nelson

(LightScribe Veteran Since 2006)
Where have the last 11 years gone… Oh yes, having fun with LightScribe 🙂.

LightScribe Toolbox Premium

The LightScribe software in the LightScribe Toolbox Premium works with ALL versions of Windows including Windows 10. So if you want feature rich labeling software, and are using Win 10, then this software is for you. For more information click the button below...

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**LightScribe Duplicator Users**

DO NOT buy my LightScribe Toolbox if you use a LightScribe Duplicator. The ONLY Software you can use is the Template Labeler! For more info on using Duplicators click the image >>>