43 Template Labeler Packs


43 Template Packs For The LightScribe Template LabelerSteve Nelson of LightScribeSoftware.org

From Steve’s LightScribe Enabled PC

Dear Fellow LightScriber,

Do you like to use the LightScribe Template Labeler for your LightScribe Labeling?

But like most users, do you wish there were more templates than the standard 15 that come with the program?

 Or, maybe you use a LightScribe Duplicator and have no option but to use the limited Template Labeler?


If so, I have something special, just for you…

43 Template Extra Labeler Template Packs

Here are all 43 packs of Templates that were originally on HP’s LightScribe.com website.

Now they (HP) have closed the site I have collected all 43 Packs (over 650 Templates in all)  together and are offering them at the low price of just $9.95


In addition to the Templates if you need a copy of the LightScribe Template Labeler itself, go here LightScribe Template Labeler.


The LightScribe Template Labeler

LightScribe Template Labeler


With these additional Template Packs you get access to over 650 additional templates

LightScribe Template Labeler Installed


I hope you agree, $9.95 is a small investment to have such flexibility at your fingertips.

Remember also, your purchase is 100% risk free.

 100% Totally Risk Free


You can trust these LightScribe Templates to do a fantastic job

Only $9.95

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These 43 Template Packs are downloaded in 4 separate zip files.

Although very easy, full instructions are provided should you not know how to unzip a file and install the Templates.

Should you need any help at all, please contact me here


Happy Scribing…

Steve Nelson of LightScribeSoftware.org

In addition to the Templates if you need a copy of the LightScribe Template Labeler itself, go here LightScribe Template Labeler