LightScribe Template Labeler

LightScribe Template Labeler Advanced Video Tutorial

LightScribe Template Labeler Video Tutorial


Hi there…

The best free LightScribe software by far, is The LightScribe Template Labeler


However for those of you LightScribe fans who love the LightScribe Template Labeler but are frustrated by the lack of flexibility of the software – I have something for you!


For you guys who have duplicators that run the LightScribe Template Labeler software but need a better solution that the templates provided – I have something for you too!


If you did not know, all LightScribe Duplicators use LightScribe’s proprietary .lsi files and the ONLY software in existence that uses this file format is, LightScribe’s own Template Labeler, or at least the version created for duplicators.


So therein lies the problem – BUT not any more…


I have been working with LightScribe for over 7 years and during that time (at least since the Template labeler was released by LightScribe) I have been asked by people who have duplicators if I had a solution to the issue of the lack of features that the software had.


Over 3 years ago I made it my mission to ‘reverse engineer’ the software to find a way people could use it to create ANY LightScribe label they wanted and not be limited to the templates that LightScribe provide.


It took a while to work things out but I finally came up with a solution, one that meant you could indeed, with a bit of manipulation, create and design of label and use this software to burn your discs, even with a duplicator…


To make it super easy for people, and to save me getting ‘typer’s cramp’ I created a video walk-through of the entire process. This way I know if somebody follows what I’m doing ‘on screen’ then they will have success…


However, although the video I used to have has been seen on YouTube by over 20,000 people, a later version of the Template Labeler had solved this is an esier way. My new video is a walkthrough of using the TL including this new ‘fix’


Here it is…




I hope this LightScribe Template Labeler Video Tutorial helps you get the most from the Template Labeler.


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Enjoy Scribing…