Free LightScribe Software for a Mac

Free Mac Software:
System Software
Simple Labeler

This is once again just a quick post regarding the addition of the Free LightScribe Software for Mac now available on the site.

Once again, it is FREE to download and use,and also the software has been developed by, and is the intellectual property of, HP (Hewlett Packard).

I have decided to make this available here because, as you may know, HP has stopped supporting LightScribe and for 8 days (Feb 19-27 2013) they even took down their LightScribe Support website (LightScribe.Com) In fact as can be seen from the release dates on the software (Windows as well as Mac) the last update was July 2, 2012, and the Mac Simple Labeler has not been updated for nearly 3 years… May 19, 2010.

Mac Support

I would like to add a little disclaimer regarding support for Mac users of LightScribe.

I am a Windows guy through and through… The consequence of this is I have ZERO experience with the Mac OS and will not pretend otherwise. I may be able to offer links to other people or sites with relevant experience but as for me… in the words of Sgt. Schultz  (Hogans Heroes) “I Know Nothing”… 🙂

So download the software and have fun, but if you have problems please understand I may not be able to help.