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I just wanted to post a quick update regarding the Free Windows LightScribe Software now available on the site.

Although FREE to download and use, this software has been developed by, and is the intellectual property of, HP (Hewlett Packard).

I make it available here because as you may know HP has stopped supporting LightScribe and for 8 days (Feb 19-27 2013) they even took down their LightScribe Support website (LightScribe.Com).

Due to this action I have been contacted by many of my customers (of my Premium LightScribe Software Package) to see if I could help. is an answer to these requests, and my desire to assist the LightScribe community by making available all of the FREE software that was originally available in

LightScribe Support

In addition to the free software downloads (which for the time being are linked to’s original files)  I am going to be adding a LightScribe Support Section in a further attempt to help and assist would be, and current LightScribe users.

I have been active in providing help and advice on LightScribe related issues since 2006, and this site is a way of combining my previous work and experience gained in helping in excess of 10, 000 fellow LightScribe users.

In the meantime please make use of the download and other resources as I add them, and of course, if you want to take your LightScribe Labeling to the next level, be sure to check out my LightScribe Toolbox, premium LightScribe Software Solution.

Thanks for visiting…